Just as Christians have different denominations and places of worship so they also have different ministers or people that lead the worship.In the Roman Catholic Church, the Pope or Bishop of Rome is the leader of the church.The biblical quotation is referred to as the PETRINE COMMISSION. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that Peter founded the church in Rome.And has directly passed his authority to the Bishop of Rome. Each Pope is given this authority.Therefore the Pope has a direct line of authority from Peter – he is the head of the Christian church.

The next order of ministers are the Bishops – derived from a Greek word meaning overseer.   In the Roman Catholic Church the Bishops and Archbishops receive their authority from the Pope. They oversee the work of the priests in their diocese.Priests are mainly in charge of individual churches. They look after the congregations, conduct services or mass for them, counsel as well as teach them.All these ministers are ordained priests by their bishops and the bishops by the Pope.

It is done by the placing of hands on the person’s head which automatically give the person the authority and power to minister.Someone who has been ordained but not yet a priest is a deacon. The first deacons were appointed by the apostles – Acts of the Apostles.Also the name Presbyter was use in the first century for an administrative official of a local church.

The word minister is preferably used today in most protestant churches.The word Presbyterian is derived from the Greek word presbuteros meaning ‘elder’.These elders have the responsibility for teaching, leading worship and performing sacraments.The congregations are governed by these elders who are elected by them.They are responsible for the leadership of the church.


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